HackPrague 2021

Focus on the past
to anticipate the future
October 16-17, 2021
Impact Hub Prague D10
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Sponsored Prizes

Apify challenge

•To máš: Make it easy
•Sign Hack: Sign Friendly
•Travelling Hackers:
Image to Text Apify Actor
•Small Side Devs: Get Real
•Deadlifting: Rinder
•Lobsters: Discopus

Superface challenge

•Quick Squad: MyGym
•Memory Leak: Slist
•Open Whiteboard -
Initiative: OW-I

Flatzone challenge

•mvb.ai: Hedged.AI


1 - Open Challenge

Feel free to create your own challenge and solve it :-P

2 - Bootstrap startup with Open Banking / E-commerce as a service

BankID is already starting to introduce security and trustworthiness into digital processes. However starting new business is still complicated and painful.
Let's bring together ideas and tools, that would help certain segment to bootstrap a business connecting Bank APIs, technology startups or others.

3 - Zero Knowledge Security Services with BankID

"Zero-knowledge service is arguably one of the most secure ways of protecting your data. In a nutshell, it means that service providers know nothing (i.e. have “zero-knowledge”) about the data you store on their servers." How could a company use BankID to provide zero-knowledge services in trustworthy, private and transparent way?

4 - Build new web automation actors on Apify

Challenge motivation:

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform where people can develop, publish, buy and run cloud programs called actors. There are already hundreds of actors published in
Apify Store, but we have a ton of ideas for new ones. Simply pick an idea (or bring your own!) and start coding.

Each team that succeeds in building and publishing an actor on Apify will receive a cash prize of $400.

Lukáš Křivka

To get started, have a look at

5 - Hack API integrations with Superface

Challenge motivation:

Superface is about simplifying API integrations so you can spend more time on your project. Use our OneSDK for Node.js in your hackathon project. You can pick any of our existing use-cases (like sending an email, sending SMS, geocoding, parcel tracking), or use our stack to implement custom use-cases.
If you pick any of our existing use-cases, we will provide you with pre-authorized API keys, saving your time on registration and verification. If you need a new use-case, we will help you to implement it.

Suggested references:
Superface Capabilities Catalog

Jan Vlnas
Ondřej Musil

✨ How to win: We will reward the projects with the best use of existing or custom use-cases & the most valuable feedback.

🎁 Prizes: Google Nest Home, Raspberry Pi 4, and other tech goodies.

More at

6 - Make developer lives easier by improving everyday DX

Challenge motivation:

Developers love to code and solve complex problems every day. Unfortunately devlife is not all code and fun but also repetitive tasks and tedious problems not really worth solving. We challenge you to dive deep into what you do and improve what you struggle every day (or you know, often enough).

Possible challenge questions:
- What manual tasks can you automate?
- “We hate reading documentation” says every developer ever. How can we solve poor quality and manually written documentation? Or how can we avoid the need for documentation altogether?
- How to serve the necessary resources to dev teams efficiently?
- What tool would make the developers’ day more enjoyable?
- How to make onboarding into a huuuuge tech stack easier, faster and less time consuming for team members?
- Can you come up with a tool that continuously improves the overall well-being of the team?

Suggested datasets:

Prokop Simek
Josef Zeman

🎁 Prizes: Code faster with AI completions  -> 3 months for free of Tabnine for each team member of the winning team!

7 - Find ways for people to navigate through tough times on the property market

Challenge motivation:

The property market is becoming less and less accessible to individual buyers in the last couple of years. The supply of flats and houses is decreasing, prices are on the rise, the public is concerned. Politicians use populist arguments that only evoke fear and anger rather than explaining what the real causes of these problems are and what people can do to ensure they live in an ideal environment. Your job is to use data and your creativity to help people navigate through the challenges that everybody on the property market is currently facing.

Possible questions:

- The supply of flats is getting lower and lower. What solution can you offer?
- Property prices are on the rise. How can you help to make properties more accessible to individual buyers/tenants?
- Which areas are the best for people to live in considering their profession, current property prices, their amenity requirements etc.?
- Presuming one works in Prague, is she going to be better off financially if she buys a home outside of the city and commutes by car every day or if she buys a property in the city and only uses public transport?
- Rent or buy? Help individual buyers decide whether to take out a mortgage or live in a rental based on their current situation.

Suggested datasets:

Flat Zone data
- Current newbuild properties on the market (on
- Current secondhand and rental properties on the market (on
https://www.flatzone.cz/inzerce/) (Both available upon request from Flat Zone (Jiří Eckstein))
Other datasets
mapy.cz, openstreetmaps.cz, overpass-turbo.eu
sreality.cz, realitymix.centrum.cz, bezrealitky.cz

🎁 Prizes: A free flat! (just kidding) The best project will win lots of Dog in Dock wine and we would also love to take you out for dinner/drinks to discuss your idea.


Grand Prize

50 000 CZK

2nd Place

30 000 CZK

3rd place

10 000 CZK

Sponsored Prizes

Apify challenge prize

Each team that succeeds in
building and publishing an
actor on Apify will receive
a cash prize of $400.

Superface challenge

Superface will reward projects
with the best use of existing
or custom use-cases & the most
valuable feedback with Google
Nest Home, Raspberry Pi 4, and
other tech goodies.

Deepnote prize

Deepnote Pro machines
for a year.

Flatzone challenge

The best project will win
lots of Dog in Dock wine and
we would also love to take
you out for dinner/drinks to
discuss your idea.

JetBrains prize

100% discount for a year
on any JetBrains product
for the best team.

Kiwi.com prize

200 Euro flight ticket
vouchers for every member of
the winning team.

Codeac prize

1 year Codeac PRO free licence
for winning teams.

Mentors and judges

Jirka Skopový
CS Seed Starter
Growth Manager
David Pavlík
Chief Technology Officer
Jakub Žitný
Software Engineer
Ján Hovančík
Product Owner

Domain expertise:

Focusing on
(banking) APIs.
Interested in
Open-source solutions.

Tech stack:
Ruby, Ruby on
Rails, Node.js, Electron
Lukáš Křivka
Head of Developer

Domain expertise:

Web Scraping & Web

Tech stack:
JavaScript, Node.js,
Jan Vlnas
Developer Advocate

Domain expertise:

Full-stack web
API integrations

Tech stack:
JavaScript, TypeScript,
Node.js, React
Ondřej Musil
Senior Developer

Domain expertise:

Full Stack

Tech stack:
TypeScript, Node.js,
NestJS, Next.js
Peter Matta
Senior Software

Domain expertise:

Backend services.
OOP lab at CTU
in Prague. Technical
excellence, TDD, and

Tech stack:
Node.js, Scala, Java,
MySQL,Postgres, Nginx,
Filip Kirschner

Tech stack:
Product/UX/UI design,
iOS, Node, React,
Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Michal Šimon

Domain expertise:
Worked for a dating
app in SF and few
SaaS companies.
and scaling global
apps and multi-side
marketplace business

Tech stack:
Computer Vision,
Machine Learning,
Serverless AWS
Dev Ops, JavaScript,
Python/PHP/, Wireless
networks from
local ISP perspective
network design)
Sebastian Sulma
Head analyst
Jiří Eckstein
Data Analyst

Domain expertise:

Real estate data

Tech stack:
Python & misc.
Tomáš Novák
Domain expertise:
Computer vision & AI,
connecting people

Tech stack:
PyTorch, C++, OpenCV,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon and why should I participate?

We think of our hackathon as an "invention marathons" where participants have no restraints. Unlike other events, we don’t want you to come up with a startup MVP or a solution to a corporate problem. During a hackathon you are working with your team on a project which might face some of our challenges or you can unleash your creativity and technical skills and come up with something new! At the end of the hackathon you present your project to a panel of judges and can win some nice prizes.
There are several reasons why you should join a hackathon. You will get free food and snacks for the whole weekend, and you can get to know a lot of new like-minded people and expand your network. You can also extend your skillset and learn a lot of new things while having fun. Lastly, you can add it to your CV and present this experience to your potential employer. Learn more in a blogpost from one of our former hackers.

Who can participate?

HackPrague applications are open to all developers and designers, including students and full-time employees. We will select participants based on their past projects, experience, and enthusiasm. We will aim to admit a diverse pool of people.

How do you select winners?

Technical Difficulty - Was it hard to make? 20 %
Functionality - Does the team have a functional prototype? Does the app work? How many functions of the app are implemented. 25 %
Polish - Was it presented nicely? 15 %
Creativity of solution - Is it novel? 15 %
Usefulness - Does it actually have value for end users and/or companies? 25 %

Total 100%.

How many people are allowed to be in one team?

You can work in a team of up to 4 people.

Are there any Covid restrictions?

You must prove upon arrival that one of the following conditions is met:

- have proof of covid-19 vaccination, with at least 14 days since the last vaccine dose (second for two-dose vaccines, first for single-dose vaccines).
- have a negative RAT antigen test up to 72 hours old
- have a negative RT-PCR test not exceeding 7 days old
- have laboratory confirmation of having recovered from covid-19 disease in the period not longer than 180 days before the day of the event
- have a confirmation from a health service provider of passing a RAT antigen test under the supervision of a healthcare professional through an online service with a negative result no more than 24 hours before the event

In addition, as the event is held indoors, all those present must have a respirator without an exhalation valve of min. class FFP2 (KN95 / N95) on at all times.

Who is organizing HackPrague?

HackPrague NGO. Read more about us and our mission at hackprague.com/#team.

Further questions?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, hit us up at team@hackprague.com.

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